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The West Michigan GNU/Linux Users Group (WMLUG) was founded in 2006 by myself, Patrick TenHoopen, after talking the idea over with some friends.  Its first meeting was held in March 2006.  I had started using Linux in 2003 and my growing interest in it made me want to share my experiences with like-minded individuals.

I have been a member of the West Michigan Novell Users Group (WMNUG) for many years, and have served on its board and helped organize its annual "Big EveNt", a local technology conference.  Using this experience, I felt comfortable starting up my own group.

We have been extremely fortunate to have New Horizons Computer Learning Center in Grand Rapids, MI, host the meetings.  As a training organization, they have multiple classrooms equipped with computers that we can use.  They have been very gracious and accommodating.  I encourage you to go to them for your professional training needs as I have done many times before.

As stated on the home page, WMLUG's goal is to provide a friendly atmosphere to learn about using Linux and free (libre) and open-source software.   I encourage member participation and we have had many members give demonstrations or presentations over the years.

Upcoming events
  • WMLUG February Virtual Meeting - February 25

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